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Achieve your best performance with Airofit

Join thousands of athletes worldwide who have unlocked their new potential and become better athletes through guided breath training!

Significant performance improvements at all levels

All athletes will benefit from respiratory muscle training. Regardless of your performance level, you will see improvements in strength, endurance, and explosivity, helping you to achieve your goals.

Never run out 
of breath

Strengthen your breathing muscles to improve your aerobic capacity, endurance and delay the onset of fatigue.

Unlock your 
full capacity

Increase your accessible lung capacity, allowing you to reduce your breathing rate and preserve energy

Push harder 
than before

Increased anaerobic threshold means you can perform at your highest power outputs for longer periods of time.

Boost your recovery

Improve your muscle oxygenation and speed up recovery while improving relaxation at the same time.

Breathing muscle fatigue is often a limiting factor in sports performance

Respiratory muscle resistance training makes them stronger, faster, more efficient and more fatigue-resistant.

Sport Performance breathing training
Sport Performance breathing training

Use Airofit 5-10 minutes a day – separate from any other physical activity!

Breathing training with Airofit is extremely effective! Just 5-10 minutes a day is enough to see noticeable progress within weeks.

Personalized training – no matter what sport you do or how fit you are

A simple data-driven approach allows you to tailor all training to your needs. Choose the area you want to improve and Airofit’s intelligent app will give you a tailored breathing training plan

Select your focus area







Read how Airofit has helped others

Read how Airofit has helped others