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"Here comes a breathing trainer that, with the right training protocol, outperforms any new golf technology on the market."

Read below how PGA Professional and #1 Trackman Master Ronnie Lindeskov along with 19 golf player improved their golf game utilizing the Airofit PRO breathing trainer. 

Better stability

Training and strengthening your breathing muscles will tighten up your club delivery to the ball for better shot dispersion. This can change a slice into a straight shot.

Better flexibility

Better flexibility of the diaphragm and thorax joints results in an improved backswing rotation for a longer swing. This gives you better tempo, timing and sequencing for higher club head speed.

Better game

The combination of better stability and better flexibility allows you to put more power into your swing. You will gain more club head speed and longer shots for a lower handicap.


"The progress I see on the golf course is brilliant. I hit it harder, I hit it longer and I hit more greens in regulation!"

PGA Professional, TrackMan Coach

To verify his own results, Ronnie conducted a study where 19 golfers of all ages and levels went through the same program

In September 2020, PGA Professional Ronnie Lindeskov started using Airofit PRO™ to see whether it would improve his golf performance. Over 3 months, it has given him 12 extra meters with the 7-iron.

Being a PGA Professional and #1 Trackman Master, it sounded too good to be true. Here comes a breathing trainer that, with the right training protocol, out-performs any new golf technology on the market.

So Ronnie started an Airofit study with 19 golf players of all ages and levels at the Barsebäck Resort & Country Club.

The results of the study are just as impressive.

On average, the players improved their 7-Iron Club Speed by 7%. See data below.

On average, the players improved their 7-Iron Club Speed by 7%

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Airofit was so impressed with the results of Ronnie's study that we decided to create a custom "GOLF" module in our virtual coaching app so now you can easily gain the same benefits and become an even better Golf player.

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Try Airofit risk-free

Most users start seeing improvements after 1-2 weeks of use. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with Airofit during your first 6 weeks (45 days), we will return your money, no questions asked. 

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Used separately from other physical activity 

Airofit is designed to be used separately from training and other physical activity. This means that you can use Airofit in any free moment - before bed, at work, after a gym session or whatever suits you best. And it only takes 5-10 minutes a day.

Airofit is for golfers,
as well as everyone else

If you have ever run out of breath, Airofit is for you.

Airofit is for anyone who is interested in improving their physical performance, health or general wellbeing - regardless of age or current fitness level. You don't have to be a professional athlete to use our system.

Many singers use it to improve their lung capacity and even people who suffer from asthma and COPD benefit greatly from daily breathing training with Airofit.

"Training with Airofit gives athletes larger vital lung capacity, stronger breathing muscles, and higher anaerobic tolerance. It´s not my opinion, it's a medical fact."

Professor at Pavia University, Scientist, Former World Champion in Freediving

"Airofit's ability to measure and track respiratory training has been a game changer. Airofit makes training simple and provides the feedback needed to validate and guide people to improved performance."

Master Airofit Instructor, Degree in Public Health, Epidemiology and Nutritional Sciences

"After training only 3 weeks with Airofit, I increased my top speed from 60 to 67 km/h. It meant that instead of losing the sprints, I began winning them, and it made me a National Champion!"

Track cyclist, National Champion in 200m with flying start