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Cycling athletes


Cycling athletes


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Breathing is often a limiting factor in your cycling performance

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Improved endurance

Breathing muscle fatigue during extended exercise causes limb blood vessels to constrict, which compromises blood & oxygen delivery to the muscles. 

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Increased pace

Breath-hold exercises train your CO2 tolerance, which optimizes gas exchange and oxygen delivery to the muscles so you can push harder, for longer.

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Higher energy levels

Strong breathing muscles allow you to reduce breath rate and heart rate. This allows you to use less energy on breathing itself and more on your limb muscles!

A data-driven approach to improve performance that matters to you!

The Airofit app delivers a personalized training plan based on your unique lung data, age, size, sex, and goal.

1. Pick your training goal 

You can pick from a variety of training goals, including improved cycling performance, better sleep, and others.

2. Measure your lung performance

Begin your training by measuring your Accessible Lung Capacity, as well as inspiratory and expiratory strength

3. Get a personalized program 

Based on your lung data, picked training goal, age, sex and size, Airofit will tailor a program to your exact profile.

4. Begin your breath training journey

Your program will consist of 2-3 daily training sessions that can be completed within 5-10 minutes in total.

5. Track progress over time 

Airofit will offer a full overview of your training history and lung test data so you can see how you have improved.

Post-Covid comeback

Despite predictions of an early end to his season due to long-lasting Covid symptoms, Jhonatan Restrepo managed to win Stage 3 in Tour of Rwanda weeks after picking up Airofit.
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Cycling athletes

For all levels of cycling 

“After 1 week of using Airofit I set a new FTP score during a race while matching my previous max 20-min power output for 40 minutes.”
– Alex Wallace, BikeStrong-KTM

Cycling athletes

Nibali’s first victory in years

At 34, Vincenzo Nibali hadn’t won in almost 2 years. He posted this picture of Airofit on Instagram weeks before winning the final stage and taking the overall victory at the Giro di Sicilia.

Cycling athletes

First Tour win of career

Quinn Simmons, 2019 World Junior Champion, posted impressive lung test numbers after using Airofit for 3 weeks. Shortly after, he was victorious in Tour of Wallonie.

Airofit PRO

Effective, risk-free and drug-free solution.

Gain strength and flexibility in your breathing muscles and lungs to gain more energy, lower stress levels and improve your sleep quality.

30 days free trial of the Premium features, including Goal-specific training programs.

Easy to use
Measure lung function
Only 5-10 minutes a day
Personal training plan
Live guidance and feedback
Made in Denmark


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“The device has been incredibly easy to use. I never thought much about my breathing until I came across the Airofit Pro.”

“Organizations like Trek Segafredo, Movistar, Jumbo, and many others recommend this product to all of their riders.”

“The Airofit PRO is and will always be a tool for endurance athletes to become better at their chosen sport.”

“Getting out of breath is an instant limiter for any workout. But your respiratory muscles can be trained just like your guns.”

Find out how breath training can benefit a cyclist of your profile by taking this 3-minute quiz!

Trusted by the World’s best: Partnership with Lotto Soudal

Often we have seen the question – if Airofit works, wouldn’t pros be using it? And the simple answer is, they are and have been for quite a while!

Lotto Soudal has always been outspoken about only partnering up with companies and people that bring real value to their team. After several riders had started their breathing training journeys individually, they requested the team to bring everyone on board and exploit the benefits of better breathing together, as a team.

We could not be more proud of this opportunity and can’t wait to see where this takes us, Airofit and Lotto Soudal this season, and beyond!

Cycling athletes

Scientifically proven to be as effective as VO2Max training

Easier, more convenient, and far more time-efficient.

Implementing additional 2 hours of high intensity cycling intervals every week into your current training could improve your cycling performance by 5%.

Alternatively, you can gain the same benefits by using Airofit only 4 minutes a day from the comfort of your home.

Airofit is your virtual breathing coach

All Airofit exercises are developed by industry-leading breathing experts. While Airofit’s resistance training improves your breathing muscle strength, the mobile app teaches you how to use those muscles and how to breathe correctly.

By measuring your lung function, Airofit tailors all exercises to you based on this data, your age, size, gender and the chosen training goal.

Via live feedback and guidance, the app ensures you perform all training correctly and teaches yourself optimal breathing patterns.

Airofit app

Begin your breath training journey now!